Success Equation Affordable Housing Solutions

Is Housing Out of Reach Infographic

When we have housing that is affordable for working families, we reap the benefits by living in neighborhoods that are safe, inclusive, and where all children can thrive.

In Asheville, there are too few homes affordable for our working families. That leads to doubling up, homelessness, and financial insecurity – where families have to make choices between paying for housing and paying for food, medicine/health care, and transportation. We see this in growing numbers of homeless students in our schools, poorer health outcomes, and lower academic achievement. And, Asheville becomes a city where hard-working families can’t afford a place to call home and we short change our children’s opportunities.

The City of Asheville, with broad community support, can lay the groundwork for a range of visionary responses that elicit our creativity and generosity. There are two specific solutions that can increase the availability of housing that is affordable to all :

Increase city funds budgeted for affordable housing construction.

Support the City in developing policies for “Land Banking” properties in order to increase the supply of homes affordable for families.



Make YOUR voice heard

Participate in the City Council’s public hearing on July 26th  and let them know how you feel about affordable housing. There will be a final vote on whether to include a $74 Million referendum on the November ballot. This referendum would include allocating funds for transportation, parks & recreation improvements, and  creating affordable housing that involves the two bullet points listed above.

Feel free to use some of the language we have already laid out for you, or use your own! The Asheville City Council will meet on July 26th at 5:00 in the Council Chamber, located on the 2nd floor of City Hall.