2018 Success Equation Policy Agenda

The Success Equation (an initiative of Children First/Communities In Schools) promotes a community where all children
thrive. We focus on three proven spaces that expand opportunities for child and family resiliency, stability, and health:

Early childhood – getting off to a healthy, nurturing start leads to school readiness and long-term success
Family economic stability – when parents can access good paying jobs, afford safe housing, and begin building
savings for their future and their child’s education, family stress goes down as health and opportunity increase
Family supports – When families have opportunities to improve parenting skills, reduce their stress, and connect
to community events and networks, they develop resiliency that fosters children’s success

The Success Equation creates a policy agenda to help focus attention on important policy opportunities and threats. Too
often, public policy – the decisions, laws, and budgets – passed at local, state, and national levels leave gaps, or even
work against, child and family success. Our 2018 Agenda balances advocating for pragmatic, visionary goals alongside
defending roll backs to existing policies. Together, we can make our voice count for kids!

Early Childhood Agenda

• Improve the Child Care Subsidy program so more children are served and providers can afford great teachers
and deliver high-quality programs.

• Support the Asheville Buncombe Preschool Planning Collaborative’s efforts to create a expand local preschool
options for 3- and 4-year-olds.

• Increase funding for NC PreK and Smart Start

• Support Federal funding for food programs that assist young children: WIC, SNAP and school meals

• Promote Buncombe’s Summer Meals program that offers nutritious food during the summer for young children

Family Economic Stability Agenda

• Increase the supply and accessibility of housing affordable for families in Asheville and Buncombe County to rent
or purchase; prevent evictions; and remove barriers to housing like poor credit, eviction history, and/or criminal

• Increased funding for bus frequency, route expansion, and travel times

• Expand health insurance access and affordability for low-income children, pregnant women, and parents with
children (Medicaid, Health Choice, and ACA)

• Improve health services for pregnant women to reduce the racial disparity in infant mortality and health

• Increase NC minimum wage to $15/hour, phased in over several years

• Support full funding for our state’s efforts to “Raise the Age” of adult criminal sentencing from age 16 to 18

• Do not allow “Predatory Lending” back in NC

Family Supports Agenda

• Health insurance access and affordability for low-income children, pregnant women, and parents with children
(Medicaid, Health Choice, and ACA)

• Protect DACA (Deferred Action for Children Arrivals); support policies that keep parents and children together
and minimize isolation of immigrant communities

Make your voice count for kids! Get involved & stay up to date with the Success Equation:
Twitter: @CFCISAdvocacy
Online: SuccessEquation.org


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