Manage a Food Drive

WEBLooking for a project that will have a big impact? Then facilitate a food drive with your church, civic organization, book club, or close group of friends! With the recent cuts in SNAP benefits, and more cuts looming in the future, we have noticed an increase in demand for food from our food pantry. One mother of two teen-age daughters came to pick up a food box and mentioned these cuts.  She said “I have had $36 a month cut from our food benefits, that’s how much I spent on meat for two weeks. I shop at the dollar store, to make my food budget stretch.”

Below is a list of food and personal care items: (FYI: personal care items cannot be bought with SNAP benefits)

Breakfast food items
Dry beans and Rice
Peanut Butter and Jelly
Tomato Sauce
Tuna Fish
Macaroni Cheese
Cooking Oil

Shampoo/ Conditioner
Laundry Soap
Dish Detergent (not for a dishwasher)
Deodorant (women and men)
Diapers all sizes (4’s & 5’s and Pull Ups are our most popular request)
Soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes
Hand Sanitizer


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