Please contact call 828-259-9717 if you would like to help Children First/CIS with item(s) on this Wish List and to be informed on which location is best for the drop-off. Please click here for directions to our Family Resource Center at Emma. Our Executive Offices are located in the United Way building at 50 South French Broad Ave., Suite 246 in downtown Asheville.

Large Items for our Resource Centers and Learning Centers:

  • Locking 2 drawer file cabinet
  • Small paper shredder
  • Boxes of copy paper
  • 3 shelf bookcase (x2)
  • 5 shelf bookcase (x2)

Food Pantry Items

• Cereal
• Dry beans
• Rice
• Peanut Butter
• Jelly
• Soup
• Tuna Fish
• Canned Chicken
• Pasta
• Macaroni Cheese
• Mayonnaise/Ketchup
• Tomato Sauce/Pasta Sauce
• Cooking Oil
• Canned Vegetables/Fruits
• Sugar/ Self-Rising Flour
• Corn Meal
• Evaporated or Powdered Milk
• Individually wrapped snack items
• Granola Bars
• Turkey / Ham (Only During Holiday Seasons)

Personal Care Items:

These items are neccessary for most families, but are not covered by SNAP benefits

• Shampoo/ Conditioner
• Laundry Soap
• Dish Detergent (not for a dishwasher)
• Deodorant (women and men)
• Diapers all sizes (4’s & 5’s and Pull Ups are our most popular request)
• Soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes
• Hand Sanitizer


•  Large Crock Pot to cook meals for parenting and literacy classes
• Paper Towels (2 Large Boxes)
• 40 Two-Gallon Plastic Baggies (For journals & summer reading)
• 2 X-Large Boxes: 13 gallon Trash Bags
• One box of individually packaged alcohol wipes (First Aid Kits)
• 1 box of rubber (or latex) gloves
• 4 Small Bottles of Hand soap
• 2 large bottles of Floor Cleaner
• 2 Large Greased Lightning Bottles
• One box of the 30 gallon trash bags
• 2 Cans of Graffiti Remover
• (3)  24  pack of AA Batteries
• 4 Packs of four D batteries

Wishes, Ideas for Volunteers, Different Kinds of Drives for Donors For our Children First/CIS Learning Centers. Please call our Learning Center Coordinator at 828-778-2073 and deliver to Family Resource Center at Emma.  

Children’s Toys and Games:

• 4 regular size metal Slinkys

• 2 Rubrics cubes

• 5 regular Etch A Sketch

• 2 blue tooth speakers

• 2 African American Ken dolls

• Ken clothes

• Match cars

• 4 silly putty

• Legos

• 2 large magnifying glasses

• Lincoln logs

• 2 Playdoh kit to make things from (any kind)

• Playdoh

• US and World puzzles (at least 50-150 piece puzzles; we have a large floor puzzle of the world)

• 2 Microscopes

• 4 binoculars


Valentine’s Day:

• 40-62 Valentine Cards from people who care

• 40-62 Valentine Take Home Treat Bags

• Special treats for the party


Dr. Seuss Day – March:

• Seuss Books for children to take home

• Take Home Dr. Seuss erasers or item

• Seuss puzzles, etc. to take home

• Fun treat for party


Easter (End of March or in April):

• Spring Festival Easter Egg Hunt (Plastic Eggs with treats and toys inside)

• Special treat for party


April – July:

• Swim Bags for Campers or a Camp Drive; collect slightly used swimsuits, swim caps, swim goggles, water shoes, swim towels, and hand towels.


Camp Challenge – Meet the Challenge:

• Do a drive for slightly used suitcases; our emerging 6th-8th graders attend a one week overnight camp and often come with a big garbage bag. We try to prevent this from happening. (We can have as many as 26 attend in a summer. Some of the campers have suitcases.)


August to Sept. – Fall into Fall Drive:

• Back pack drives are happening everywhere

• Dry Erase Markers

• Masking Tape

• Dry Erase Boards; (any size!)

• watercolor markers

• posters

• large and small baggies

• 13 gallon trash bags

• hand soap

• dice

• playing cards

• pens

• color paper

• tempura (poster) paints, etc.

• addition, subtraction & multiplication flashcards



• 40-62 Mini pumpkins, 2 Medium pumpkins, 6-10 gourds for decoration

• Trick or Treat Goody Bags (Please nothing scary inside)



• 40-62 Take-Home Snack Bags for Thanksgiving Break

• 40 Bookmarks for Thanksgiving Break (we will be handing out 1-2 slightly used books for the children to take home)

• Provide a nice meal for children 20-25 at each Learning Center (two Learning Centers)


September – May:

• Hat and Glove Drive: 40-62 of each (if want to add scarfs; great!)

• Flashcards; multiplication, division, subtraction, addition, identifying numbers, words, and sounds and Academic Learning Activity Books; small work books for over Winter, Spring or Summer Break


Winter Festival:

• 40-62 Small A-like toys for Santa to hand out to children (feel free to wrap them! If they are boy or girl mark a g or b on the back of the wrapping, so Santa will know)

• Stockings from Santa; make and fill 40-62 stockings for our children!

• Make Christmas cards for our 40 children.

• Provide a nice meal for the children and maybe the leaders too!


 Throughout the Year:

• Host, Decorate, provide a meal or snacks, serve the meal, provide and lead games, arts and crafts, baking projects for any party or any time! Above parties are annually, but we also celebrate Hanukkah, Presidents Day, Ground Hog Day, Cinco deMayo, etc. You can do one thing or many things or provide for one Learning Center, just let us know what you want to do.

• You can be an elf for Santa!

• Help out when our children go Horseback riding!

• Come wrap Christmas/holiday presents starting in Sept./Oct.

• Help organize our supply trailer.

• Come work in our garden…

• Come in and share your hobby, craft, places you have traveled, &/or your talent.

• Come weekly for a semester and help our children with their homework for an hour or stay for the full afternoon; 2:30-6 or 2:00-5:30. Just click on the VOLUNTEER button and it will take you through the process

ESSENTIALS DRIVE   (for Learning Centers or Camp)

• Band Aids

• Masking Tape

• Paper Towels; you can’t get us too much of this J

• Two-Gallon Plastic Baggies (For journals & summer reading) 4 boxes?

• Gallon Plastic Baggies

• Quart size plastic baggies

• 13 gallon Trash Bags

• Boxes of individually packaged alcohol wipes (60-100 wipes for First Aid Kits)

• Boxes of rubber (or latex) gloves (250 or so inside)

• Floor Cleaner

• Mops

• Multi-Purpose Cleaner

• Dish Soap

• Toilet Cleaner (Can of Scrubbing Bubbles)

• Large Greased Lightning Bottles

• Cans of Graffiti Remover

• Windex

• 24 pack of AA Batteries

• D batteries

• Bug Spray

• Brown lunch bags


ARTS and CRAFTS DRIVE    (for Learning Centers &/or Summer Camp)

• Pipe Cleaners

• Rolls of Duct Tape (different colors) – Duct tape wallets and purses

• Rolls of Masking tape

• Dry Erase Markers 3 black or colored sets

• Black Permanent fine Markers

• White Poster Boards

• Different colors of Poster Board

• Cartons of White Copy Paper

• Carton of Colored Copy Paper

• Tye Dye Kits

• Packs of Origami Paper

• Small bottles of glue

• 2 Gallon containers of glue

• Magic markers

• Acrylic Paints (all colors) 8-16 oz. bottles

• String

• Yarn

• Beads for making jewelry

• Rubber bands

• Food coloring

• Paint brushes (reg. size for child art)

• Packs of colored Tissue Paper (different colors) for art projects

• Balloons

• Googly eyes

• Paper plates

• Q-tips

• Construction paper

• White Tee-Shirts; child or adult sizes

• Colored Tee-shirts; child or adult

• Tide Erase Markers

SUMMER SNACK DRIVE   (for summer camp)

Healthy Pre-Packaged Individual Snacks

All Individually Wrapped– We do not have refrigeration

• Mixed Nuts

• Sun Chips

• Pretzels

• Granola Bars (hard and soft)

• Breakfast Bars

• Raisons

• Fruit mix

• Nut and Fruit Mix

• Fruit Bars

• Gold Fish

• Cheez-its

• Popcorn

• Fritos

• Takis

• Potato Chips

• Dried Fruit

• Pop-Tarts

• Fruit Roll-Ups

• Fruit Gummies

• Oatmeal Cookies

• 6 medium or 3 large containers of Gatorade Powder

 FUN IN THE SUN DRIVE    (for summer camp and Learning Centers) 

• Swim caps

• Water googles

• Water Shoes; children’s 4-12 adults: 2-10

• Ear Plugs for swimming

• Nose Plugs

• Dark Colored Bath Towels (easier to dry)

• 12 Swimming noodles

• Slightly used Swim Suits; girls 6-12 Young Teen or Woman’s sizes 10-18, Boys 6-16

• 2 Slip and Slides

• 3 Lifeguard whistles

• 6 large blow up swim toys

• Suns Screen SPF 30 or higher

• Bug Spray; no deet

• Large Sponges

• Jump Ropes

• Large Double Dutch jump ropes

• Hula Hoops

• Bubbles

 Just call anytime and we can brainstorm what will be best for you and/or your organization; Barbara Norton, Learning Centers Coordinator, barbaran@childrenfirstb.org, 828-778-2073.

Items can be dropped off at:

Children First/CIS Main Office
50 South French Broad Suite 246
(in the United Way Building across from Hopey, Inc formerly Amazing Savings in downtown Asheville)

Family Resource Center at Emma (Especially Food Pantry & Personal Care Items)
37 Brickyard Road

(on the campus of Emma Elementary School)
For directions to the Family Resource Center, click here

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