“I don’t want to eat my dinner from a convenience store”

This was said by a 9 year-old boy who wasn’t sure if he was even going to be able to eat that night. During the summer, risks of food insecurity are increased as children leave school and the guarantee of meals provided by the Free & Reduced Meal program at school. 


And while food is important, we know that a
food box alone won’t end child poverty.

If you donate to Children First/CIS on Friday, June 8
then your donation will be matched by
Carolina Furniture Concepts.

DONATE Dollar (640x337)

Thank you
for making a donation that will now be doubled,
allowing us to provide even more
children and families with the tools
they need to succeed!

If you prefer to pay by check:
Children First/CIS 

50 South French Broad Avenue, Suite 246
Asheville, NC 28806

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