Children First/Communities In Schools Job Description for Student Support Specialist

 Program:                   Student Support Specialist

Position Title:          Student Support Specialist at Claxton Elementary

Hours:                          Full-Time 37.5 hours per week, some nights, weekends and overnights

Reports To:               Director of Community Supports and/or Learning Center Coordinator

Salary:                        Commensurate with Experience

Office Location:        Claxton Elementary/Pisgah View Apartments

Benefits:                     Varies

To apply: Please submit resume, cover letter  and 3 professional references to by July 26.


Overall Responsibility

Coordination and oversight of Communities In Schools activities at Claxton Elementary School and co-lead a K-5th  grade (Asheville City) after-school program and summer camp located in Pisgah View community.


Key Areas of Responsibility

Communities In Schools Student Support Specialist

  • Collaborate with school staff to assess, identify and prioritize student needs and make appropriate linkages to needed academic, physical, or social services to children in need including but not limited to
    • Attending CHAPS, IEP and Behavior Management meetings
    • Completing home visits
  • Develop and implement the annual site plan and work plan
  • Work with and support students, parents, faculty and staff in delivering both Tier I, II & III services.
  • Successfully recruit, train, and retain community volunteers.
    • Provide overall scheduling and coordination of volunteer/student relations.
    • Serve as a communication conduit for gathering/exchanging information.
    • Successfully match and retain volunteers with students to meet identified needs.
  • Regularly track all Tier I, II & III services and student outcomes in CIS Data Management System (CISDM).
    • Ensure that all paperwork and electronic documentation is current.
    • Enter student case plans into CISDM for all students receiving Tier II & III Services.
    • Prepare data on progress toward implementing the annual site plan as well as progress toward achieving goals stated in the annual site plan.
    • Provide this data at specified times to site leadership, Director of Community Supports and/or Executive Director.
  • Complete all required grant, and agency paperwork.


Learning Center Site Co-Leader

  • Assist children with homework.
  • Collaborate with other site-leaders in planning and providing snacks; planning, assisting, and executing enrichment activities; and planning and leading children on field trips.
  • Develop positive relationships with and serve as contact point for parents, teachers, social workers, counselors, and principals of schools regarding the children’s participation in our program when deemed necessary.
  • Coordinate and assign tasks to the recruited volunteers.
  • Substitute site leader for other sites.
  • Maintain necessary paperwork including but not limited to attendance logs, behavior guidance reports, incident reports, fire and lightening drills, parent contacts, parent volunteer and involvement hours, refrigeration temperature logs.
  • Co-lead and actively participate in the summer camp which includes but is not limited to hiking, swimming, leading games, crafts and field trips and overnight camping.


Staff Responsibilities

  • Works collaboratively with all CF/CIS staff to maintain a positive image.
  • Attend trainings when required and funding is available.
  • Understands and demonstrates the mission and goals of CIS.
  • Provides sufficient program information to Director of Community Supports and/or Executive Director to provide CF/CIS Board with a comprehensive overview of services and outcomes.
  • Participate in Children First/CIS Staff meetings and events.
  • Other duties, as assigned.


Experience and Requirements:                   

  • Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree with a major in social work, counseling or other human service field.
  • Committed to a mission of “…empowering children and their families to reach their full potential through advocacy, education and services and surrounding students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.”
  • Experience in planning and implementation of programs for children and families, including needs assessment and evaluation.
  • Ability to work effectively with people from different backgrounds.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to use computers to manage data and compose reports.
  • Experience in recruiting, training and supervising volunteers.
  • Able to hike three miles at one time.
  • Able to drive a 15 passenger mini bus.
  • Are certified in or will gain certification in:
    • Lifeguarding
    • CPR Pro
    • Wilderness First Aid


Work Schedule

Work schedule will vary Monday – Friday between the hours of 8:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Some evenings and weekends may be required. 

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